Pastor Tim’s message series through Sundays in April at Valley Chapel…

Consider Your Ways

Winter is over – spring is now here, and all around us things are preparing to bloom. Much like the trees and flowers that have laid dormant throughout the past months, we are ready to “bloom” as we begin to find our way out of the pandemic!

Full of opportunities and full of potential, we are excitedly anticipating the season in front of us, with brand new thoughts in our minds of how things will progress through this year. But, it doesn’t take too long before you realize that all of the things that were present in your life before the pandemic will still be with you as you move ahead!

If you were organized before, you will be organized now, too. The same can be said about being motivated, disciplined, involved, prayerful, spiritual, or any other quality or characteristic. Change in life doesn’t happen simply because the “seasons” change.

In the year 520 BC, the nation of Israel found herself in a troubling situation. Nearly twenty years beforehand, they had been allowed to return to Jerusalem from captivity in Babylon for the purpose of rebuilding the temple. And, they began their work with great success for the first couple of years. However, following their initial success, the people grew increasingly complacent, and lethargy became the norm for the people of God. The work of God had halted, simply because the people were no longer motivated to follow the call and the command of God.

It was at this time that the prophet Haggai speaks to the people. In the Old Testament book that bears his name, Haggai preaches four messages to the people in a four month period of time. And, in just the two small chapters of this book, on five separate occasions, Haggai makes this poignant comment to the people – “consider your ways.” The New International Version renders the statement as “give careful thought to your ways.”

I believe that Haggai’s messages to his people have tremendous application to us as the people of God today. This Sunday morning, we will begin a four part series, built around Haggai’s four messages.

Consider Your Ways – a four part preaching series

April 11 – Part 1 – Purpose and Priorities – Haggai 1:1-15

April 18 – Part 2 – Power and Presence – Haggai 2:1-9

April 25 – Part 3 – Purity and Promise – Haggai 2:10-19

May 2 – Part 4 – Protection and Pledge – Haggai 2:20-23


You won’t want to miss this tremendously appropriate series of messages.

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