Pastor Tim’s message this Sunday, October 3rd

Making Godly Decisions

It begins the moment we wake up in the morning. And every moment of every day, we are continually in the process. Sometimes they are seemingly minor and of little significance. Other times they appear to be life-changing. But, make no doubt about it, there is rarely a moment that goes by in which you are not making a decision about something in your life.

Whether the decision seems big or small, your life to a great degree is the sum total of the result of the decisions you have made each and every moment of every day.

If this is true, and I certainly believe it is, then as followers of Jesus Christ, the question that must be asked is how can we assure ourselves of making Godly decisions along life’s way.

Are there any principles to help us in this process? And, is there an example to which we can look that can speak to us today as we face the ever-growing complexity of the decisions we must make?

The answer to both questions is a resounding yes! In God’s Word we find the principles to guide us in our decision making. And, among others, we can look at the prophet Daniel, as he was a prisoner in a foreign land, for an example of how to make Godly decisions. In Daniel 1:8, we read that “Daniel resolved not to defile himself.” (NIV) The KJV says it this way – “Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself.”

What have you “purposed in your heart?” What have you resolved to do? How do you go about “Making Godly Decisions”? Don’t miss Pastor Tim’s message this Sunday morning at Valley Chapel! Make a purposeful decision now to join us! 

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