Pastor Tim’s message series in September

Contend for the Faith

Perhaps the most neglected book of the New Testament is the short epistle written by Jude. Written by the brother of James, the pastor of the church at Jerusalem, and the half-brother of our Lord Jesus Christ, this work of only 25 verses is packed full of deep spiritual truth that is extremely important for believers to understand and live by, especially in the day in which we live.

Just like today, there were false teachers teaching incorrect doctrine, individuals who infiltrated the church, creating division and slandering others, with the potential to destroy the church and its people.

Jude brings a stern warning, as well as an encouraging word of instruction about the need to build yourself up in the most holy faith.

Throughout September, we will be sharing some deep spiritual truths from this dynamic book that you need to know! You won’t want to miss any of these three powerful teachings!

Contend for the Faith

September 12  – The Need to Contend for the Faith
September 19 – The Men Opposed to the Faith
September 26 – The Command to Build Yourself Up in the Faith

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