Pastor Tim’s message this Sunday at Valley Chapel…


There is a philosophy that is quite common in the world – in fact, it is even common among many Christians – where there is a belief in God, but that He is somewhere far off and distant. People with this concept of God live as though they are all alone, and must negotiate life’s challenges by themselves. They don’t doubt there is a God, but to them, He seems to be untouchable, unreachable, and disconnected from their life. He is simply watching from afar.

Perhaps it seems to you as though God is afar off, and that the heavens are closed to you.

But, the truth is that God is not far off, and the heavens are most certainly not closed! In fact, there are at least five instances in the New Testament where we specifically see that the heavens are opened! If we take a look at these five instances, we can gain great insight into how our God cares for us!

Do you want to see heaven open? Then be sure to join us this Sunday as we see exactly what happens “When Heaven Opens!” Don’t miss it!

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