Pastor Tim & Carolyn Satryan

Pastor Tim and Carolyn, both originally from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, met as music students at the Duquesne University School of Music, where Pastor Tim was a woodwind major, and Carolyn was a vocal major. Pastor Tim studied under the mentoring of a graduate of the Paris Conservatory, while Carolyn studied with Italian opera singer, Claudia Pinza.
Immediately after their marriage, Pastor Tim and Carolyn moved to Springfield, Missouri, where he received his biblical education at Central Bible College (now Evangel University.) The Satryans then returned to Pennsylvania, where they served as associate pastors at Monroeville Assembly of God, until being elected to serve the Pennsylvania-Delaware District of the Assemblies of God as the District Director of Youth and Music Ministries.
Pastor Tim has served as the lead pastor at four Assemblies of God churches in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. He also served for over a decade as the Presbyter for the state of Delaware, and traveled nationally with the Assemblies of God’s Church Multiplication Network, facilitating Church Planting and Church Revitalization “boot camps.” 
The Satryans have two adult daughters. Jessica, their oldest, has degrees in music and theater, and now resides with her husband in the Washington, DC area where they both teach high school theater. Chrystalynn, their youngest, lives in Landenberg, Pennsylvania, where she is studying in the veterinary technician program at Penn Foster College, and working in the animal care field. 
The passion of Pastor Tim’s ministry is reflected in his oft-heard statement –“It’s ALL about relationships!” Believing that “the Kingdom of God is a kingdom of right relationships,” his ministry is built upon leading people to a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ, encouraging right relationships with one another in meaningful community, and right relationships with the world around them through living a life that purposefully demonstrates Christ within us.
One of Pastor Tim’s passions is Marine Reef Aquaria, and he keeps a fully-stocked reef aquarium in his office at Valley Chapel! To view the LIVE web cam of Pastor Tim’s Reef Tank, just 
click here! You are always welcome to visit his office to see the aquarium, enjoy some delicious fresh-brewed coffee, and listen to great jazz music!  
Fun Facts from Pastor Tim…
  • Nick Name: All depends on who is talking to me! As a young boy, I was “Timmy.” That stopped LONG ago! As a teenager, many called me “Satch,” which I presume to be an abbreviated mispronunciation of my last name. Today, in ministry, I am usually called “Pastor Satryan,” “Pastor Tim,” or preferably, just “Pastor.”
  • I am originally from: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Dream vacation: Anywhere that my wife and I can see the ocean, walk along the beach, smell the briny air, and relax!
  • Regular order at Starbucks: Venti quad-shot Carmel Macchiato upside down.
  • Favorite sports team(s): Black & Gold! Pirates, Penguins, Steelers!
  • Life motto: Live for God on purpose!
  • Favorite scripture: James 4:7
  • Things that fascinate me: The use of new technologies to reach the world in which we live with the good news of Christ’s saving grace.
  • People who inspire me: My three personal mentors – Rev. Leonard T. Jones, my spiritual father; Rev James S. Leake, pastor emeritus of Monroeville AG, and Rev. Philip Bongiorno, superintendent emeritus of the Penn-Del District. Influenced my ministry more than anyone else. They spoke into my life, and lived an example, that formed and fashioned me into who I am.
  • Previous jobs: I have been a lifeguard, a swimming pool manager, a fast-food restaurant assistant manager, a bank teller, a music teacher, a member of a symphony orchestra. I have served as a CE Pastor, a Music Pastor, a Youth Pastor and a visitation Pastor, a district youth director (they were called D-CAP back then) and a district music director, and for the last three decades as a senior/lead pastor.
  • People who I would like to meet: I really have no overwhelming desire to meet any particular person. I want to see Jesus.
  • One thing that most people don’t know about me: I am an introvert.
  • When and where did you get saved? In 1967 during a youth group meeting. I was led to the Lord by another young man in the group, who shared two “Chick tracts” with me – “Holy Joe” and “This Was Your Life”
  • Music that moves me: Jazz and gospel.
  • Favorite singer/band/musician(s): 
  • Contemporary Jazz – (the late great) Gerry Niewood, David Sanborn, The Yellowjackets, Fourplay, David Beniot, Diana Krall, Jay Beckenstein and SpyroGyra, Joe Sample, … where do I stop?
  • Classic Jazz – Cannonball Adderly, John Coltrane, Buddy Rich, Stan Kenton, Maynard Ferguson, Jimmy Smith, Joey DeFrancesco… again, where do I stop?
  • Worship – Clint Brown, Joseph Garlington, Israel Houghton
  • Pet Peeves: Drivers who do not stop at stop signs, and those who drive in the left lane, not passing anyone, and refusing to move to the right lane.
  • Life-changing moment: The Monday in October 1975 when I met Carolyn Glaser, who would become my wife.
  • Hidden talent: I am pretty skilled at Photoshop.
  • Favorite book: A Tale of Three Kings
  • In my spare time I… What is this thing called “spare time?” I make time to be with my wife, walk our golden retrievers, and relax watching Pirates, Steelers and Penguins games.
  • Favorite food: Sea food
  • Least favorite food: Haven’t yet discovered that!
  • The most interesting place you’ve ever been to: The Rockies in Colorado, and the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
  • The most adventurous thing you’ve ever done: I was hurled out over the edge of a cliff at the Royal Gorge in Canyon City, Colorado on a bunjee swing.
  • Least favorite thing to do: move (as in, change where I reside.)
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