Pastor Tim’s message this Sunday at Valley Chapel…


Have you ever seen the geyser “Old Faithful” in Yellowstone Park? A geyser is a spurt of very hot water and steam coming out of the ground, due to pressure from volcanic activity well below the surface. “Old Faithful” was given that name long ago, because of the predictability of when it will erupt – every 44 minutes to two hours.

The word faithful means to be loyal and steadfast; to be reliable, trusted, adhering to a fact or standard.

I want my automobile to be faithful! When I put my key in it, I expect it to always start! I want my refrigerator to be faithful – 100% of the time! What good would it be if it almost always worked, but 5% of the time it failed?!

When couples get married, they take an oath to be faithful to one another. Their vows include “till death do us part.”

However, it sees as though, other than Old Faithful, few things are “faithful” today! Cars break down… refrigerators seem to only last a few years, and then they fail. And, unfortunately, many marriages today seem to fail after a couple has become unfaithful. Today, we seem to live in a faithless world.

But, in spite of the faithlessness that surrounds us, Christ-followers are called to be faithful – especially to Christ!

Jesus spoke to the church that was suffering and dealing with many hardships. His word to that church? “Be faithful!” (Revelation 2:10) This Sunday we will share an important message on how to be FAITHFUL in a faithless world! You won’t want to miss it!

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