Our Missionaries
Rutgers Chi Alpha

Reaching the student population at Rutgers University


Discipling the Spanish migrant community and assisting in children’s and special needs.

Peninsular Asia

Area pastors to the 5-country area of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, & Vietnam.

Network 211
Using modern technology to spread the gospel around the world

Missionary to the deaf communities of Columbia


Missionaries to the children of Rwanda

Reaching Columbia’s least-reached people.
Southern Asia

Restoring Joy to the forgotten children in Southern Asia

Urban Ministries (USA)
Urban One Director at Urban Islands Project


Church planting in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city

Dave & Cheryl Greco

AGWM Mobiization

Overseeing Colaboración Misionera Hispana – developing strong relationships between Hispanic churches and AGWM.

Felix & Bonnie Halpern

Intercultural Jewish Ministries

Director of Metro Jewish Ministries


Serving in Southern Mexico among unreached people groups, with over 160 different dialects, to reach the many who have never heard of Jesus Christ!

Diane Laws

Partnering with local pastors in church development, church planting and in children’s and youth ministries.
Southern Asia
Assisting local churches and mentoring and teaching English
Costa Rica

Rescue & restoration of women & girls from human trafficking in Costa Rica


M.R. & B.R. (name withheld)
Southern Asia
Coffee house outreach in sensitive area.

Pastoring a church for locals and military personnel
Costa Rica
Reaching the indigenous people groups of Costa Rica.

Troy & Lisa Tabor
Using media to reach Cambodia

Newark, NJ USA
Church Planting in Newark, NJ

Joel & Gail VanBriggle
Working with Convoy of Hope in Europe to bring hope & healing to people.

Stephen & Sonia Wallace
Student and youth ministries, partnering with local churches in Finland.
Network 211 uses 21st Century technology to communicate the 1st Century Gospel by helping people discover and grow in their journey with God.