Pastor Tim’s Reef Cam

Pastor Tim is an experienced aquarist, and keeps a marine reef aquarium in his office at Valley Chapel, His current setup is a Red Sea Max 130D. The 130 liter tank is fully stocked with marine aquaria, including both SPS and LPS corals, anemone, and a wide variety of invertebrates, starfish,  and coral reef safe fish.
During the day, the tank is illuminated by T5 bulbs, designed especially to encourage coral growth. At night, there is dim blue “moon lighting.”
This live webcam broadcasts 24-7! The tank will look colorful and vibrant during the day, and at night, the camera automatically switches to night vision, allowing you to see the activity in the dark!
You are always welcome to visit Pastor Tim at his office and see the tank live, enjoy some great coffee, and listen to some fine jazz music!