for on-campus

What a great day in the house of the Lord we had as we finally returned to worship in our building! YOU are welcome to join us for Celebration Worship THIS SUNDAY MORNING at 11 am! 

We have made all the necessary preparations to assure a safe environment for everyone as we enter our facility. We are excited to YOU this week!

While we are back in our building, everyone needs to recognize that things are a bit different in many ways than they were before the pandemic. This will be a “new normal” for the foreseeable future!

In General…

  • On-campus Sunday morning Celebration Worship will be held each Sunday from 11 am until 12 noon
  • There will be no access to the downstairs area
  • There will be no Fellowship time prior to or following worship
  • Masks are required of all who attend, as well as appropriate social distancing.


Entering the building…

  • After parking, please maintain proper social distancing and wear a mask when approaching the entryways
  • Admittance into the building will be one family-unit at a time, as guided by a greeter.
  • Both side entrances to the church, as well as both entrances into the Sanctuary, will be open and monitored.
  • There are touch-free hand-sanitizers located at each entrance to the church, as well as at each entrance into the Sanctuary. Out of abundance of precaution, everyone should sanitize their hands prior to entrance into the Sanctuary.
  • Each family will be escorted into the Sanctuary to an appropriate seat. Families will be seated together, with no others seated with them.
  • Sanctuary seating is limited, and is blocked off so as to comply with current New Jersey requirements.
  • Please understand that because our seating has differing sizes, your family may need to sit in a location that is different than where you have traditionally sat. Thank you for assisting us with this situation.


During worship time…

  • Masks are required at all times during the Celebration Worship. The only exception to this is that those ministering on the platform may remove their mask while on the platform, but must replace it when exiting the platform.
  • Please feel free to worship in singing, raising hands, etc, from within your seating area.
  • All ministry, including prayer time, communion, response, etc, will be held with people in their seating area.
  • Tithes and offerings can be given by placing them in the offering buckets at each Sanctuary entrance. These buckets will be secured by greeters and ushers. There will be no offering plates passed during the service. You may, of course, continue to give your tithes and offerings online.
  • On Communion Sundays, pre-prepared communion is available for each person to pick up prior to service at a table in the Fellowship Hall. Please carefully only pick up one per person, and do not touch the others.


Following worship time…

  • Each row will be dismissed one-by-one, as guided by a greeter/usher, with each family then exiting the building to return to their vehicle.
  • Please note that there is NO assembling together in the Fellowship Hall following service.
  • If you wish to “meet and greet” following service, it MUST be outside, following appropriate social distancing practices.


Other details…

  • Parents are strictly responsible for watching their children at all times. Children must remain with their parents during the service, as well as maintaining proper social distancing at all times.
  • Bathroom use is VERY limited, as only the single-person facilities located by the Fellowship Hall are available.
  • Celebration Worship will continue to be broadcast via LiveStream, just as it always has been.
  • At this time, our return to our building is for Sunday Celebration Worship only – all other ministries (Sunday School, Mid-week Bible Study, Royal Rangers, etc.) will continue online as they have been doing.