Charting Your Life’s Course

Sundays in July at 10:30

Planning a road trip this summer? To be successful, you will need to chart out your trip with a map, GPS, Google Maps, your phone, or any of the technologies available today. Planning ahead will keep you from getting lost, and make for a better journey!

The same thing is true for your life! Those who take time to plan the course of their life are far more likely to keep from getting lost along the way, and have a better life’s journey!

Are there ways to plan ahead? Absolutely! No matter where you are in life, your future success demands that you make plans to best serve Him!

Throughout the month of July, Pastor Tim will be sharing a series of messages to help each of us as we move forward, “Charting Your Life’s Course.” Don’t miss it!

Sunday, July 7th
Following His Example
1 Peter 2:21
Sunday, July 14th
Understand His Teaching
Mark 6:30-52
Sunday, July 21st
Developing Your Character 
1 Corinthians 16:13-14

Sunday, July 28th
Growing In Grace
James 4:5-10