Sundays in August at 10:30

Does it feel like you are moving in slow-motion while the whole world is in fast-forward?  With everything changing all around us, it’s easy to feel like a leaf in a fast-moving stream, pushed wherever the flow moves.

However, we need not succumb to the ebb and flow of things around us. As we go through life, our direction is greatly determined by the sum total of our life choices.

Through the month of August, we want to take a look at some critical choices we need to make each and every day. Be sure to join us for this life-changing series!



Sunday, August 4th
Where We Look
Joshua 4:19-24
Sunday, August 11th
What We Say
Psalm 113:3
Sunday, August 18th
What We Think 
1 Kings 18:16-39

Sunday, August 25th
Where We Go
Psalm 37:5