Pentecostal – Persuaded by the Power of God

What does it mean to be a “Pentecostal” today? There was a time in the early twentieth century, at the beginning of this modern-day outpouring of the Holy Spirit, that being a Pentecostal Christian was such a dynamically unique experience that many – in fact most other believers – questioned the validity of the Pentecostal’s Christian experience. Many people thought that being a Pentecostal was a cult. Some even attributed the Pentecostal activity to the work of the devil.
How different it is today. Pentecostalism is now the fastest growing part of the church. Pentecostal churches are widely accepted as a part of the evangelical Christian churches. No longer are Pentecostals viewed as second-class, dirty, “other-side-of-the-railroad-tracks” people.
But, there has been another consequence of this widespread acceptance. The sad fact is, within most Pentecostal churches, the vast majority of those in attendance are no more Pentecostal than the individuals attending most traditional, non-Pentecostal churches. The worship style, the activity, and even the doctrinal beliefs of many individuals worshiping in Pentecostal churches is virtually no different than that of their non-Pentecostal, evangelical, brothers and sisters.
According to the Bible, the baptism in the Holy Spirit, as recorded in Acts 2:4, is the “Promise of the Father” as prophesied in the book of Joel. In Romans 4:20-21, referring to Abraham, we read that “…he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised.
I believe that we are living in a day when true Pentecostals should not waver in unbelief regarding the “Promise of the Father.” Like Abraham, we must be strengthened in our faith and give glory to God. To be truly Pentecostal, we must be “Persuaded by the Power of God!”
Beginning May 5th, and continuing through Pentecost Sunday, we will be sharing a series of messages on Sunday mornings here at Valley Chapel built around this theme. We are believing that as God’s Word is boldly proclaimed about the Holy Spirit, that God’s people will be “Persuaded by the Power of God.”
Here is a look at the messages we will be sharing:
May 5th
Persuaded by the Person of the Spirit
Revelation 1:4
May 12th
Persuaded by the Power of the Spirit
Acts 1:8
May 19th
Persuaded by the Promise of the Spirit
Joel 2:28-29
May 26th
Persuaded by the Purpose of the Spirit
Acts 2:1-4
June 2nd
Persuaded by the Passion of the Spirit
Acts 10:44-46
June 9th
Pentecost Sunday
Persuaded by the People of the Spirit
Acts 2:41-47
Mark your calendars now, and plan to join us each week for this power-packed series of messages from God’s Word!