Walking on Pentecostal Pathways
Book of Acts Principles for Today!
Each of us is a traveler. We are all traveling on a road – a pathway if you will – that determines our destination. Sometimes our pathway is easy walking and beautiful. Other times, the pathway is difficult, and hard to walk. Often, as we walk, we come across an intersection, and we must choose which pathway we will follow as we move ahead.
Interesting things happen as we walk along the pathway. In the book of Acts, Peter and John were walking on the pathway to the temple, encountering a crippled beggar, who they healed in Jesus’ name! Philip was walking along a desert pathway when he met an Ethiopian eunuch, who he led to the Lord, and then baptized him. And then Philip’s “pathway” became supernatural, as he was miraculously transported to Azotus, where he continued to preach as he walked the pathways throughout Caesarea.
Paul was traveling on a pathway we call the Damascus Road, where Christ appeared to him, saved him, and called him to a ministry to reach people who had never known the Lord. And -later, Paul was on a pathway from Corinth to Ephesus, where he led the Ephesians into the baptism in the Holy Spirit.
Just like those in the book of Acts, we too are walking on a pathway today – a PENTECOSTAL pathway! We need to recognize that there’s far more to a “Pentecostal walk” than just speaking in tongues. What characterized the walk – the pathway – of those first Spirit-filled believers, enabling them to reach their world for Christ? And more importantly, how can we walk on those same pathways?
I believe we can discover seven critical “pathways” in the book of Acts that are important for us to walk on today, in order to see our world impacted for the cause of Christ. Over these next weeks, we will examine “The Pathway of Prayer,” “The Pathway of Persecution,” “The Pathway of Participation,” “The Pathway of Proclamation,” “The Pathway of Personal Readiness,” “The Pathway of Power,” and the “Pathway of Principle.”
My prayer is that as we learn to walk down these “Pentecostal Pathways” that we, too, impact Clifton and our surrounding area for the cause of Christ!
“Walking on Pentecostal Pathways”
Sunday mornings at 10:30 in October and November
 at Valley Chapel Assembly of God.
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October 6th
The Pathway of Prayer
Acts 3:1-16
October 13th
The Pathway of Persecution
Acts 4:1-22
October 20th
The Pathway of Participation
Acts 4:23-37
October 27th
The Pathway of Proclamation
Acts 8:1-24
November 3rd
The Pathway of Personal Readiness
Acts 8:26-40
November 10th
The Pathway of Power
Acts 9:32-43
November 17th
The Pathway of Principle
Acts 11:19-30